for those who have heart.

i like butterflies.


My world is falling down around me
Everything ceases to go as planned and all at once nothing makes sense

I made the mistake of building my foundation into your flesh
My serenity resting in the palm of your hand

So when my life goes to pieces
It’s not just crumbling to the ground
But falling between your fingertips


Do you not see the way I look at you?

I love you.

I utterly adore you.

It’s 10am and the tip of my tongue skims across the roof of my mouth because it misses yours.

It’s noon and I’m laying in your arms.
Completely exposed has never felt so secure.
I bury my face in your neck and breathe in the scent that makes me hold on tighter.

It’s 1am and you’re leaning on the table sipping your beer.
Light blue and kaki contrast your brown skin.
I stand next to you, trying not to stare.

If anyone asks I’ll lie and say it’s okay and I don’t care.

If you ask I’ll say it’s fine.

After a long time, I came to realize I really didn’t mean much to you. You were never going to take me as I am. It hit me I was never going to be enough for you. It was dumb of me to believe I could change that. You’d love a million others before you could love me.

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watching porn

  • while you're horny: YOOOOOO
  • after you cum: ew


Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you were the one who carried you through the heartache. You are the one who sits with the cold body on the shower floor, and picks it up. You are the one who feeds it, who clothes it, who tucks it into bed, and you should be proud of that. Having the strength to take care of yourself when everyone around you is trying to bleed you dry, that is the strongest thing in the universe.

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